Easytouch insulin syringe 31 gauge, 1cc, 5/16", 100 count

Easytouch insulin syringe 31 gauge, 1cc, 5/16

Easytouch insulin syringe 31 gauge, 1cc, 5/16", 100 count

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Product Description The Easy Touch insulin syringe is film coated for maximum comfort and is 100% latex free. A protective plunger and needle cap maintains syringe sterility during shipping and a multi-facet needle bevel with lubricant coating allows for a smooth and comfortable injection. The transparent barrel allows for visual inspection of syringe contents. Easy to read graduated numbers minimize dosage errors. Lines are precise for accurate dosage and an innovative "no dead space" design helps reduce waste. Easy Touch syringes come in various body and needle sizes to fit every diabetics needs and dosages. Body size relates to the capacity of the syringe and needle size relates to the gauge of the needle. Our syringes come in three body sizes 1cc, 0.5cc and 0.3cc. This pertains to the overall capacity of the syringe. The gradation markings for U-100 insulin of each size are: Size / Maximum Dosage / Scale Increments 1cc / 100 units / 2 units 5cc / 50 units / 1 unit 3cc / 30 units / 1 unit Generally speaking you should size your syringe to your maximum injection dosage. For example if you are taking 20 units per shot you could use either a 0.5cc/50 unit syringe or a 0.3cc/30 unit syringe. If you are taking 60 units use a 1cc/100 unit syringe. Since the markings are wider apart the smaller the syringe size it is generally easier to read a 35 unit dosage on a 0.5cc/50 unit syringe than on a 1cc/100 unit syringe. It is easier to read a 15 unit dosage on a 0.3cc/30 unit syringe than on a 0.5cc/50 unit syringe. 31 Gauge, 1cc, 5/16" Film coated for maximum comfort Advanced plunger design ensures correct movement Special surgical grade stainless steel Latex free
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